Medium Blackwood End Grain Chopping Board (44.8 x 32 cm)

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We are very proud knowing that our boards are handcrafted using the highest grade timbers sourced from environmentally sustainable Australian timber plantations which means we're not cutting down rainforests.  

Each Veins Wood piece is carefully handcrafted by our master craftsmen during up to 21 days process in a small town in Adelaide, Australia. As each board has its unique timber qualities, no two boards will ever be the same whilst exposing the beautiful end grain qualities each board encapsulates.

How can we maintain it well to maximise its own natural cleansing function?

Veins Wood uses one of the hardest A grade timbers called Golden Eucalyptus. This species is harvested in the far south region of Tasmania in Australia.

Our chopping board uses END GRAIN technology which means the wood fibres stand vertically so it has its own natural cleansing and healing function meaning your knives remain sharper for longer.

Colour, food, bacteria, and all type of remnants on the board are easily sucked into the wood fibre and it cleanses itself due to the flexibility of the wood fibres.

In order to retain the flexibility of the wood fibres, it's recommended the boards are oiled once a week up to once a month, depending on the usage.

For everyday use, simply wipe down with a dry towel after each use.

To prevent the wood fibres from drying out causing loss of flexibility, please do not keep boards near a heater, stove or excessive moisture.

The oiling process is very simple:
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Prepare some mineral oil (complimentary food grade oils included with every purchase) and evenly rub it into the board with a dry cloth or paint brush. Once complete, simply leave it for a few hours and wipe the board again with a dry towel before use.
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