Why Veins Wood


As you cut the knife blade strikes between the wood fibres and when lifted, the grain will close up again (Imagine perhaps a blade going through upturned paint brush bristles).

Because the grain runs vertically, the fibres are not actually cut - just temporarily separated and this gives end grain its 'self healing' properties. For these reason, end grain is more durable than the traditional edge or face grain boards.


As you cut, the knife blade strikes against the wood fibres and when lifted, the grain won't close up again. The blade crushes against the wood's fibres.

Because the grain runs horizontally, the fibres are cut and are less durable than end grain boards.

Veins Wood End Grain vs Edge Grain

Advanced Finishing Techniques

Our finishing process is extensive. The boards are sanded to such a fine sandpaper grit that a burnishing effect takes place. By burnishing, we’re removing the collapsed and soft cells of the timber, leaving behind a much harder and compressed surface which is far less prone to absorption. The boards go through several days of oiling and curing.


We use a clear, non-slip, non-marking boot so you can reposition your board with ease when you need to, but will keep the board in place when you’re cutting. The boots also allow for airflow to the underside of the board.

Australian Made

Based in the Adelaide Hills, an ideal region for timber manufacturing.

Latest Gluing Techniques

Timber gluing technology has come a long way in past years. It is not unusual to create a glue joint to be as strong as the timber itself, if not stronger.

Eco-friendly Australian Timbers

All our boards are made from prime grade, kiln dried, Australian timbers. Our vigorous selection process removes any timber that won’t produce a superior board.

Food Safe

It is the perfect bacteria proof conditioner for any food preparation surface and any utensil made of wood which is used for direct or indirect contact with food. It contains hospital grade mineral oil injected with Vitamin E, blended with purified carnauba wax. This guaranteed food-safe wax and oil combination kills bacteria on contact, closes over minor cuts and creates an environment within wood which renders it impossible for bacteria to germinate.
It also enriches, beautifies and reveals the gorgeous grain in high quality wood. Using the conditioner on wooden kitchen items periodically will prevent absorption of food odours and ease cleaning, as well as maintain the integrity of the wood, which is otherwise subjected to repeated wetting and drying in the course of use.